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This article explains how to allow access to all users within the Access Control settings.


As a school who uses Wonde, you're able to control what data is accessed by what applications you use... this includes

In addition to managing the type of data, you can control which individuals are accessed by a third party application, the following steps will show this:

Step 1

Log in at to view your Wonde Dashboard.


Step 2

Hover over the application token that you wish to edit settings for and select 'Settings'.


Step 3

Select 'Access Controls' as shown below.


Step 4

You will then be given 3 options to choose from for your 3rd party application access, these are: 


1. Allow Access to all users - All users from the school will be accessible by the application. 

2. Exclude certain users and allow access to all others - This is to be used when you need to exclude a small number of individuals from being accessed by the application. 

3. Allow access to certain users and exclude all others - This is to be used when you only want to allow a small number of individuals to be accessed by the application. 


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