Can I send multiple vouchers to one student?

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This article explains how to send multiple vouchers to one student. 

CSV Upload
If you are using the CSV upload option and are wishing to assign more than one voucher to one student, please ensure you add the student multiple times to the CSV file (For example 3 vouchers = 3 identical lines in the CSV file). 'Send later' is only available for vouchers assigned using the Wonde connection.

Wonde Connection (MIS link)
If you are assigning the vouchers using the data from Wonde connection, please follow the steps below.

Step 1

Click on the three dots at the end of the order you wish to assign vouchers in and click 'Assign vouchers'. 


Step 2

Select the students you wish to assign and select either 'Send now' or 'Send later'.


Step 3

You have now successfully assigned the student one voucher, you now need to go through this same process to assign them another. Select 'Assign'. You can choose to assign the vouchers either by SIMS, CSV file or manually. On this occasion the vouchers will be assigned by SIMS. 


Step 4

Choose the students you wish to assign a second voucher to and select either 'Send now' or 'Send later'. Each student will display a 1 in the column 'Previous' if they have already been assigned a voucher within that order. 


Step 5

You can go through this process as many times as needed. 


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