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This article explains if a voucher can be used across multiple transactions, if a retailer can be changed and if vouchers can be used on mobile phones. It also covers difficulties using vouchers in store.


If I don't spend the whole voucher in one visit, can I keep it to use on my next shop?

Yes, you can. If your shopping comes to more than the voucher total, you will need to pay the remaining balance using another method (i.e. debit card).

Can I change my choice of retailer?

Once you have selected the retailer you will be unable to change this. For all future vouchers you receive, you will be able to select a different retailer. 

Can I use the voucher on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can. 

I'm having trouble using my voucher in-store, what should I do?

Please contact the supermarkets directly who will be able to help you.

Please note:

Unfortunately, for data protection reasons we are unable to answer your questions directly, please contact your school in the first instance.

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