Are there any restrictions on what supermarket vouchers can be used for?

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This help article outlines restrictions when using vouchers to purchase goods at selected retailers.

The restrictions for each supermarket are listed below:

  • Asda: Cannot be used in Petrol stations or to purchase tobacco products, stamps, lottery or phone top-ups.
  • Morrisons: Cannot be used for gift-card or lottery purchases. Cannot be used in Morrisons Daily stores or Morrisons fuel stations. 
  • Aldi: Cannot be used for the purchasing of gift cards, lottery tickets, scratch cards (or related material), alcohol or anything through ALDI’s website.
  • Tesco: Cannot be used in petrol stations.
  • Sainsbury’s: Cannot be used in petrol stations, pharmacies, branded gift cards, scratch cards, LPG autogas, infant formula, tobacco and related products, BT phone cards, E top-up, savings stamps, postage stamps, National lottery products, online delivery charges, concession coffee shops and restaurants
  • Iceland: Cannot be used for alcohol.

Please note: The information provided is subject to change without notice. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information presented, no guarantee is made regarding voucher restrictions. We would advise recipients to verify the information with the chosen retailer independently.

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