Paypoint - Prepaid Legacy Meter Vouchers

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This help article explains what Paypoint Prepaid Legacy Meter vouchers be used for and how to redeem them.


What can PayPoint vouchers be used for?                                                                        

Vouchers can be issued for energy credits (which are redeemable only against a gas or electricity top-up). The PayPoint energy voucher can only be used on Prepaid legacy meters only. 

Energy voucher suppliers available are:

Boost Engie OctopusEnergy Sycous
BristolEnergy EnviroEnergy OVOEnergy Tonik
BudgetEnergy FirmusEnergy PowerNI Utilita
Bulb Insite RobinHoodEnergy UtilityWarehouse
ClickEnergy Ista ScottishPower VitalEnergi
DataEnergy L&Q ShellEnergy WelcomeEnergy
EDF LanTen Spark  
Ecotricity Metro SSE  
EnergyControls NabuhEnergy SSEAirtricity  
EnergyIreland Npower Switch2  


Where can the vouchers be used?

There are over 28,000 locations across the UK - Find the nearest stores in your area by clicking here.

What are the maximum and minimum values of vouchers?

Energy vouchers can be issued for values between £1-£49

What additional costs are there for PayPoint vouchers?

There are no set-up costs to start issuing PayPoint vouchers. There is a £1.65 issue fee per voucher sent and a £2 cancellation fee per voucher cancelled.

How are vouchers sent to recipients?

Vouchers are able to be sent by email or text message and can also be accessed through the Evouchers mobile app. 

How do recipients redeem their voucher?

  1. Claim their Paypoint voucher through the Evouchers app or browser account.
  2. Take their voucher and their meter card/key to any Paypoint store. 
  3. The store clerk will scan the barcode and top up their card/key. 


Please note:

Once received, Paypoint vouchers are valid for 90 days (3 months).

Paypoint vouchers are single scan redemption vouchers. Any support required following the scanning of a Paypoint voucher will need to come from Paypoint directly.

For additional information on Paypoint vouchers, visit their website here.

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