How to change the recipient contact details and resend the voucher

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To change the contact details of a recipient when resending the voucher, the quickest way is to un-assign the voucher and then re-assign with the new contact details.

Please note: you will need to create a new CSV file with the updated contact details

Step 1

Click on the three dots at the end of the order you wish to unassign a voucher in. Click 'View order details'. 


Step 2

Click 'Unassign' on the voucher you wish to unassign.


Please note:

If this button does not display then the recipient has accessed the voucher link and so it is no longer able to be unassigned.

 Step 3

Confirm that you wish to unassign the voucher by clicking 'ok'.


Step 4

The following green banner will show to confirm that you have successfully unassigned the voucher. 


Important information

Once the voucher has been unassigned, the link that was received by the recipient will no longer work.


Please then follow the steps to assign the voucher again, with the new contact details via CSV upload

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