How to upload a CSV file

Please follow the steps below to upload a CSV file to send vouchers.


Step 1

Click on the three dots at the end of the order you wish to assign vouchers in and click 'Upload CSV'



Step 2

Click 'Download template CSV'. 



Step 3

Please enter the required details in the table and then save the document as a CSV file (please google this if you are unsure as it varies depending on the program you are using). You do not need to provide an email address and phone number if the parent does not have both. 



Step 4

Click 'Browse' and find your CSV file.



Step 5

Click 'Upload File'.



If there are any errors in your CSV file, it will not upload. Please see the top tips at the bottom of the article which may explain why it is not uploading.


Step 6

Once the page has finished processing the upload, you can then check the list before clicking 'confirm and send vouchers'.


Your vouchers have now been assigned and will send to parents shortly. 

Top Tips

  1. Make sure the headings do not contain capital letters. 
  2. Make sure you upload the file in CSV format. 
  3. No spaces before or after text or between numbers. 
  4. No extra punctuation or special characters other than full stops or @.
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