All you need to know to get started

This article provides you all you need to know to get started with ordering vouchers through!

  How much does this service cost?
The service is free to use, you simply pay for the vouchers that you wish to purchase.


  What payment options are available?
You can pay for vouchers by card, PayPal or invoice.


Supermarket         When do the vouchers expire? Can the voucher be used online? Minimum voucher value
Asda 2 Years Yes £1
Morrisons 1 Year No £10
Aldi 5 Years No £0.01
Tesco 5 Years No £1
Sainsbury's 2 Years Yes £1
Iceland 1 Year No £5
McColl's 31st December 2021 No Vouchers can only be purchased in the following denominations; £5, £10, £15, £20, £30, £40, £50, £75, £100
Waitrose  2 Years Yes £0.01
Sports Direct 2 Years Yes Vouchers can only be purchased in the following denominations; £5, £10, £25, £50, £100
Decathlon 2 Years Yes £2
H&M 2 Years Yes £1
JD Sports Currently Unavailable N/A N/A
New Look 2 Years Yes £1
TK Maxx No Expiry Yes £1
River Island 5 Years Yes £2
Deliveroo  1 Year Yes Vouchers can only be purchased in the following denominations; £5, £10, £15, £20, £25, £30, £50, £100
JustEat  1 Year Yes £10
Amazon 10 Years Yes £0.01
Currys PC World 2 Years Yes Vouchers can only be purchased in the following denominations; £10, £20, £25, £50, £100, £200, £500
Book Tokens 8 Years Yes £0.01


  Can I set a custom amount for vouchers?
Yes, you can set your voucher to be any amount above the minimum voucher value. 


  Can the retailer selected by the parent be changed?
Once the parent has selected the retailer this can not be changed. The parent is able to choose a different retailer for each voucher that is assigned to them. 

 How do parents receive the voucher?
Parents receive the voucher by text message and email (providing you have these contact details available from your MIS, or you have uploaded them via the CSV file).


  How long does it take for the voucher to be received?
Most vouchers are received within 30 minutes after the retailer has been selected. 


  Are there any restrictions on what the vouchers can be used for?
The restrictions for each supermarket are listed below:

  • Asda: Cannot be used in Petrol stations or to purchase tobacco products, stamps, lottery or phone top-ups.
  • Morrisons: Cannot be used for gift-card or lottery purchases.
  • Aldi: Cannot be used for the purchasing of gift cards, lottery tickets, scratch cards (or related material), alcohol or anything through ALDI’s website.
  • Tesco: Cannot be used in petrol stations.
  • Sainsbury’s: Cannot be used in petrol stations, pharmacies, branded gift cards, scratch cards, LPG autogas, infant formula, tobacco and related products, BT phone cards, E top-up, savings stamps, postage stamps, National lottery products, online delivery charges, concession coffee shops and restaurants
  • Iceland: Cannot be used for alcohol.
  • McColl’s: Cannot be used to purchase branded gift-cards, Pay Point products and services, E top-up, postage stamps and National lottery products (including scratch cards).


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