Two-factor authentication

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In order to increase account security, we have implemented two-factor authentication, which offers an extra layer of protection for our account users. This feature provides an additional layer of protection for your account and helps to minimise the risks associated with compromised email addresses. By enabling two-factor authentication, even if your email address is hacked, guessed, or phished, it will not be sufficient for an intruder to access our systems. This extra security measure ensures that only authorised individuals can access your account.

We strongly recommend all organisation admins enable two-factor authentication. 

Step 1 

Log in via, click the circle in the top right corner, then account 'Account settings';

Step 2

Select 'Enable'

Step 3

Choose one of the options below;

Authenticator apps

Firstly you must download an authenticator app such as those listed below. Click one of the options below to view instructions on downloading and using authenticator apps. 

Google Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator




Enter your mobile number to receive the code via text. 

Step 4

From there you will be asked to authenticate your account using your chosen method every time you log in. 

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