How to claim your QR Code

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This article explains how to claim your postal voucher with a QR code.

Step 1

When you receive your letter with your QR code, you will need a smart phone or device that allows you to scan the code using your camera.


Step 2

Open the camera on your device and hover it over the QR code. This will then provide you with a link to follow to claim your voucher.


Step 3

Click the link, you will be taken to a screen that asks you to create an account or log in. If you are new to Evouchers, please create an account.


Step 4

Once you have created an account or entered your email address, Check your inbox/messages for the secure link to login. Press 'click here to login' via the email.


Step 5

You can then choose the retailer you would like your voucher for

Please note - once selected this cannot be changed

To view which ones can be spent online, click HERE


Step 6

Click 'View Voucher'


Step 7

You now have your voucher to be spent in your supermarket of choice.






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