How to create an activity

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Step 1

The first thing to do before creating any activities is to set your location by selecting Location.



Step 2

Select Add new location.



Step 3

Complete the requested fields, when adding the post code, it will automatically find the location on the map. You can change or set the specific location by moving the purple location pin. 



Step 4

Once completed, select create location to save your event location.



Step 5

If you would like to add photos of previous events or activities, select Galleries. If you do not wish to add photos to your events, skip to step 9.



Step 6

Select Add new gallery.



Step 7

You can then add a name for your gallery and either drag and drop photos into the designated box, or select browse to choose your photos from your desktop. 



Step 8

Once this has been completed, select Create gallery to save.



Step 9

You are now ready to create activities. Select Activities.



Step 10

This will take you to the main screen, you can then select Create new activity.



Step 11

Select Single day activity.



Step 12

When you select your event option you will be taken to the page below where you will be able to input the information for your activity, including the option to select the photo gallery previously created from the drop down.



Step 13

Once you have completed the activity information, scroll down to Activity settings. This allows you to choose whether or not your activity is LA funded, your cut off date, if you would like automatic or manual approval to events, as well as age and SEND suitability.


Step 14

After completing activity settings, scroll down again to find the Activity dates section. Here you can add your activity dates and times. You can add multiple dates as single events.


Step 15

Finally, select Save activity.


Step 16

You will then be taken back to the main screen where you can see the activities you have created. 





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