A Step-by-step guide to adding additional team members to your account

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*IMPORTANT* Managing your account is not mobile-friendly, so please use it on a laptop/computer or a tablet in landscape mode.

You’re able to add as many team members as you like to your business account… this will then allow your staff to have their own individual login for the Evouchers Merchant mobile app (the app used to redeem vouchers).

Types of users

You’re able to create three main types of users:

  1. Admin
    This user has access to all features within your account and should only be given to business owners or those that manage a business.

  2. Manager
    This user type is similar to Admin above, however isn’t able to add/edit the bank details. They’re able to fully manage all other aspects of the business account.

  3. Users
    This user type should be given to staff members who simply need to access the mobile app to redeem vouchers. It’s a read-only user and can’t make any edits to your business account… simply view things and redeem vouchers received.

How to manage your team

Step 1

Visit https://retailers.evouchers.com/login


Step 2

Enter your email address and click on the Send login link button. You’ll immediately be sent an email, click on the link in the email and you’ll be logged straight into your account!


Step 3

You’ll now see the Account option in the top right. Click on this and then the Manage your team link as below:


Step 4

You’ll now have the option to Invite new user. Select this option.



Step 5

A window will appear to add the individual's details. Please see page 1 of this document for the details on the types of Roles you can give a user.


Step 6

If you need to edit or delete a user, you can do so by clicking on the three dots in a circle at the end of the user row.


Additional information 

You’ll receive cleared funds directly into your bank account within 5-7days following the redemption of a voucher. 



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