Business details

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In this section of your account, you're able to enter the key information required for your public listing on the Evouchers website and mobile app.

Business name

This is the name you're known by customers and residents. For example, if your official business name such as Tasty Catering Ltd, but your cafe is actually called Tasty Cafe, then use Tasty Cafe as your business name.

Business description

Simply give a short description of your business here to easy allow residents to know a little more about you

Website address

Please enter the website address used to promote your business.

Business industry

This should already be pre-selected from when you registered your interest, but you're able to change this here.

Email address

This email address is the public email address used by customers and not your personal email address.

Phone number

The phone number you enter here is your public phone number used by customers

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