Step by step guide to ordering vouchers

The steps below show how to open your account and place an order for downloadable vouchers. 


Step 1

You will receive an email to let you know your account has been created. Please click the link to get started.



Step 2

Select the option at the top of your screen to create your order.



Step 3

Select the type of voucher you wish to purchase and click 'Next step'.


Step 4

Choose the voucher value from the options, or click 'Custom' to manually enter a different amount. 

Enter the quantity of vouchers you wish to purchase, and click 'Next Step'.



Step 5 

Choose the retailers you would like to include in your order. These will be the stores you can choose from when downloading vouchers. 

Then click 'Next Step'.



Step 6 

Check the details in your order summary, and then add to your cart.



Step 7 

Here you can choose your payment method. To pay by invoice, choose the option as below. 

If your local authority have agreed to pay directly, please choose them from the dropdown option. 



Step 8 

Your order is now placed. Please click anywhere along the order to view it. 



Step 9 

To download your vouchers, select the Download option as below.



Step 10 

If you are choosing the retailer on behalf of the parent please choose the option below, then click to the next step.



Step 11 

Enter the quantity of vouchers you require for each retailer, and move to the next step.



Step 12

Check the quantity, and if you are ready to download the vouchers, tick confirmation box and confirm download.



Step 13 

To download the voucher codes, click on the three dots and select download all. 



Step 14

The file will then download for you to open. 



Step 15 

Your file contains all the voucher links as seen below. Click on the link to open the voucher and print. 

Alternatively the links can be emailed directly to your parents. 




Please ensure you log who you print/email each link to in case they need the link to be sent again or encounter any issues. 






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