How does the voucher system order parents?

If your school uses the Wonde connection to populate student/parent details, then the information is pulled through as follows;

The voucher system orders parents based on (in this order): 

  • Selected last time
  • Lives with pupil
  • Parental responsibility
  • Priority

The phone number is selected in the following order:

  • MIS primary contact number
  • MIS contact mobile number
  • MIS contact home phone number
  • MIS contact work phone number

The email address is selected in the following order: 

  • MIS primary email address
  • MIS home email address
  • MIS work email address


We pull the data directly from your MIS so if the information showing is incorrect, you may need to amend these details in your MIS. Once updated, please let us know and we can run a manual update so this pulls through.

If you have changed any contact information in your vouchers order, this is not remembered for future orders. 

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