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What are prepaid cards?

The Evouchers prepaid card works in a similar way to a debit card, but with added security, and restrictions capabilities. Prepaid cards are a quick and secure way to pay for gas, electricity, water and off-grid energy bills. It's a one-time-use prepaid card intended for use until the balance is depleted, once the card has been used up it cannot be topped up or used again. 

All transactions are authorised at the point of payment. 

How can I order prepaid cards?

Ordering prepaid cards is very similar to ordering any other voucher types, please see the guide below for detailed instructions.

Ordering Prepaid cards 

What can energy prepaid cards be used for?

It can be used with all gas, electric, water and off grid energy suppliers within the UK and Northern Ireland. 

What do recipients need to claim a prepaid card?

To claim a prepaid card recipients must have a mobile number that can receive the one time code to view the card.

Are there any limits or restrictions?

There are no limits on the number of prepaid cards that can be issued to an individual. An individual prepaid card had a minimum value of £5 and a maximum of £500. 

What is classed as ‘off-grid’ energy?

This would be any energy source that heats your home, from oil, and LPG to coal. 

What age must a recipient be?

Recipients must be over the age of 16 to receive a prepaid card. 

What is a Merchant Category Code (MCC)?

A Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a four-digit number listed in ISO 18245 for retail financial services.  MCC is used to classify a business by the types of goods or services it provides.

MCC list references: Stripe MCC list, Mastercard MCC list.

What happens if a card is lost or details are stolen?

The recipient can contact the Evouchers support team, they have the ability to instantly block the card. 

When do the prepaid cards expire?

The cards expire 12 months from the activation date/the day the recipient activates the card. Please note: All orders expire 11 months from the date of the order so the recipient will be required to activate the prepaid card before this date. 

Can I view a recipient's prepaid card details?

The card details are restricted to the recipient user only so that the details are secure. The Evouchers support team will have access to update the recipient details on the card if the recipient needs an amendment to be made.

How do I contact Evouchers support regarding prepaid cards?

Evouchers support can be contacted via email at

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