How to book an activity

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Step 1

Once you have logged in to your account you will be taken to the page below, which shows you how many credits your child has. Press the arrow to book an activity.


Step 2

You will be asked your childs age to show the suitable activities for them. 


Step 3

Next, you will see a list of activities available to your child. Select view activity to see the information for the activity and book a place for your child.


Step 4

When you select an activity you will see the following page, which details the information for the activity, option of dates to book on to as well as the location on a map. Press Select date to book on to the activity.


Step 5

After you have selected the date you wish to book your child on to, you will be taken to the page below to complete the booking form. Once you have completed the form and entered the information requested, press Complete booking


Step 6

Your child is now booked onto the activity and you will receive confirmation of your booking via email.


To learn how to manage your child's bookings - click here.

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